Firmenzentrale Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
Firmenzentrale Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG


The Joy of Giving

We love creative gift ideas! With our popular children's brands TOPModel, Miss Melody, and Dino World & Co. as well as our wide range of greeting cards and gift items, we develop innovative products with high-quality standards – and rely on good partnerships!


Strong brands, innovative product ideas & lots of passion

What started as a Danish greeting card publisher in 1985 is now much more than that. With over 320 employees in Germany and Europe, we proudly develop and distribute popular private labels such as TOPModel, Miss Melody, Dino World, Ylvi and Princess Mimi in addition to our range of greeting cards and gift items. Every figure, every dress and every single brush stroke is created with our own two hands.

When we develop new products, we focus on giving children with very different areas of interest a variety of creative ideas to keep them busy. We want them to grow up with innovative trends and find their very own style. We always set our prices in such a way that our products are suitable as an appreciated gift or good value school supplies, and are still worthwhile for you as a retailer.

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Illustrator von Depesche zeichnet T-rex für Dino World
Illustrator von Depesche zeichnet T-rex für Dino World


Quality comes before quantity

As a manufacturer, we are subject to strict guidelines and laws. As parents and grandparents, but also as business partners, offering products that bring unlimited joy is a matter close to our hearts. Products that consist of materials that are harmless to health and come from ethical and increasingly sustainable production. Our products go through certified testing centres before they reach children all over Europe. Where possible, we are increasingly using recycled PET materials for our bag collections as well as FCSI-certified paper for our numerous colouring books and creative books. We have our production checked by our own employees on site for quality and social standards.

Quality & Safety

"We are incredibly proud that we can inspire children and adults all over the world with our lovingly designed products. We owe this not least to our strong partner network in Germany, Europe and the whole world!"

Nynne Schiøtz, Managing Director


Europe-wide partner network

We would like to see a long-term, reliable partnership with our retailers and sales partners. For this reason, we produce our products under fair conditions with high quality standards, communicate on an equal footing and pay attention to fair conditions – for you and your customers. In addition, with our children's brands which are loved all over Europe, and the always-changing assortment of greeting cards, you will receive reliable sales outlets and continuous new products.

Depesche-Lager aus Froschperspektive mit rotem Laub
Depesche-Lager aus Froschperspektive mit rotem Laub