Legal & Compliance

Whistleblower Portal

By developing a whistleblower portal, Depesche would like to offer its business partners the opportunity to report any criminal offences or violations of applicable national and international law in the areas of occupational safety, health protection, money laundering, environmental protection, product safety, traffic safety, and animal health and welfare that affect Depesche.

Please use the whistleblower system responsibly and only provide tips and information that you are convinced are correct.

Anyone who reports an actual or suspected misconduct in good faith via the Depesche Whistleblower Portal will not experience any negative consequences themselves. However, deliberate false reports can lead to legal action.

Please note that other concerns cannot be handled via the whistleblower system.

1) How can a report be made?

Suspected instances can be reported to the following email address: 

The contact person assigned to accepting the reports is: Nicole Siebert

Communication takes place exclusively in writing.

With our whistleblower system, we guarantee that only the person responsible for accepting and processing the report will have access to the incoming reports from business partners.

At the same time, the interests of those affected will be safeguarded, i.e. the presumption of innocence shall apply as long as the violation is not proven.

All notices and violations are consistently investigated, and proven misconduct is appropriately sanctioned.

Please note that your anonymity can only be maintained if you do not provide any personal data in the context of your email, such as your name or address or data that will allow conclusions to be drawn about your person.

In addition, a personal meeting can be held at your request.

2) Timing of the notification

You will receive a confirmation of receipt at the latest within 7 days after we have received a notification.

The responsible processor will then contact you and send you appropriate messages if, for example, questions arise.

No later than three months after confirmation of receipt, you will receive feedback on your report with information on the processing status and the measures taken.

3) Who handles your report?

Your report will be processed by a representative in our Legal Department. Other employees of Depesche do not have access to this. Your report and identity will be treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times.

If you would prefer that the Legal Department not proceed with the processing, as the report concerns the Legal Department itself, please indicate directly in your initial report that the processing should not be carried out by the Legal Department. An employee outside the Legal Department appointed by Depesche will then contact you and handle the processing of your report.

Business partners have the right to submit any information, even if external, to the competent supervisory authorities ('external reporting office'). The Federal Government and the states are setting up a reporting point, the accessibility of which was not yet known at the time the Whistleblower Portal was made available.

4) General note

We reserve the right to change these terms of use, in particular in the event of a change in the legal framework. Please note the current version.